The Neonode Airbar

Computer technology grows by leaps and bounds, and it seems that every year new advancements are made that leave last year’s products obsolete. With the constant pace of new features being unveiled, it can be a challenge to keep things up to date.

A prime example of this is with touch screen computers. These cutting edge screens come with all the standard operating features you’d expect, but with the added ability to use your hands or a stylus to operate the computer through touch. These devices open computer screens to a variety of new uses, but they also tend to be extremely expensive.


Enter the Neonode Airbar. This clever gadget can transform any standard laptop screen into a touch screen without the hefty price tag of a typical touch screen. Even better, it is completely plug-and-play, which means there is no assembly, installation, or outside third party software required.

The Airbar is a slim device that is affixed to the bottom edge of your laptop screen with the help of an adhesive strip. The bar draws its power by a short USB cable that connects to the computer, so no batteries are required. As soon as it receives power, the Airbar projects a field of light over the top of your laptop screen, creating an on-screen reaction when it is disrupted by a hand or other object.

Any object can break the flow of light, so unlike the screen on most smartphones, you aren’t restricted to using just your hands for control. A person could, for example, use a paintbrush to actually paint on the screen in a program like Photoshop.


The Neonode Airbar offers all the functionality of a touch screen for a fraction of the price. Currently, they are being offered for both Windows and Apple laptops with screen widths of 13.3″, 14.0″, and 15.6″. The Airbar can be found online or in stores that sell quality electronic merchandise.

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