Best Microphone Under A $100!

Looking for a new mic or microphone?  This video highlights the top 5 mics under a $100, easily:

With that said, every three months, you have new advances in this sector and better and better sound equipment is being released.  While nothing can take the place of a recording studio (or like this sound studio in San Diego!)… actually, let’s backtrack a bit!

Sound equipment is sophisticated enough (a cheap but solid mic), an iMac, and some good software can do the track. However, if you are a professional, then obviously, some more investment is required.  In fact, since this is a great topic, we will be expanding on this very soon.  Perhaps we will cover, in-depth, how a professional recording studio is a better option if you can afford it; and maybe, perhaps, how an at-home recording studio is more fruitful for certain professionals.

Carpe diem!