VHS To DVD Converter

dvd/vhs machine

Do you have old VHS tapes stored away in your closet because the technology has progressed too far ahead to use them anymore? Or did your VCR break and you just don’t want to deal with big tapes anymore? Well now you can convert your VHS tapes to a DVD if you want to!

This player not only records your VHS tapes to a DVD, but it can also be used as a dual media player, playing both VHS and DVDs! But if you want to move to discs, it will record and convert your old tapes to 1080p HD video with digital sound. You can also edit what was on your VHS tape so that when it goes to DVD, you keep only the parts you want. If you’re busy working during the day and want to record something from the tv, you can program it to record as well.

It is expensive for those on a budget, but it’s completely worth it if you have footage of your family from a camcorder that recorded onto a VHS tape. Or if you have a movie that you just can’t find on DVD or that they don’t make anymore, this would be a great thing to have for that.

This machine comes with a remote and batteries, and audio/video cables. And guess what? You can actually record a DVD onto a VHS too! Although that’s only for non-copy protected tapes/DVDs and the erase protection tab is still on. You can play the DVDs you made on another DVD player or on your computer as well.

What is not to like about this cool machine? You can record your VHS movies/film onto a DVD, your DVD onto a VHS, and recording shows or movies from tv, as well as editing them! That’s pretty amazing. To see the other features included, just go to kotulas.com and click on the ‘Manual’ link to look through the instruction booklet.

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