The USB Wall Socket

With the introduction of several amazing gadgets that use sockets for powering, there is a need to customize wall sockets to serve more purposes. One of these customizations is the USB wall socket that allows you to directly plug in a USB cord into the socket. It saves time by allowing a user to use the normal socket for other electronic gadgets, and at the same time use the USB socket. For example, you don’t have to unplug your television or lamp in order to charge your iPhone.

usb outlet

Features Of The USB Wall Socket

This modern wall socket is very easy to install. It has two of the normal wall sockets and then two USB sockets on each side. It has AC 100-125v of input voltage and an output voltage of DC 0.5v. Always be safe and make sure your electric of off before installing. It can charge any smart phone using USB as well as the i-Phone. It has been certified by UL standards to be absolutely safe. It’s made in the U.S. and has been approved by the National Electric Code of America.

Why Should You Get One?

In the modern setting, almost all smart devices and i-Pods use USB cords for charging. Unfortunately the wall units that come along with these chargers are bulky and therefore challenging to carry around. Hence these sockets can make it easier since the USB is small and convenient to carry. Also, the cords that the i-Phones come with are so short! You might want to consider getting a longer cord too, like you see in the video, so that you don’t yank it by mistake, causing your cord to short out because the wires snapped.

This wall socket also allows one to charge different devices quickly and easily without investing in a USB power cord. It is ideal for travel, homes, offices, etc. They can easily be found at online stores, such as Amazon, Ebay, or other electronic stores. The prices will vary depending on the store you go to.

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