Revolutionary Kayaking With Origami Kayaks?

The excitement of planning an adventure is hard to deny, and with that comes some consideration of the most efficient tools that will make that adventure even more fun. You can transform your outdoor experience with today’s advanced technology in boating.

Paddling activities are becoming more attractive as the days go by. People are now realizing the importance of appreciating nature and reaping the hidden benefits these activities will provide. Some paddling activities you can enjoy include sea, surf, and whitewater kayaking.

These activities are simple and fun, and also help in improving flexibility, muscle strength and aerobic fitness. You can also combine it with other outside sports to get a complete workout. There are kayaks you can carry along with you while you hike, conveniently folded into a backpack! Not only that, but these are created to be tough and durable:

When you are done hiking, you can unfold it and (once you’ve done it a few times) put it together in 10 minutes or under. You can go right from hiking into the water for a nice arm/ab workout. The two main types of these kayaks are below.

Oru Kayaks


origami kayak


Oru kayaks are outstanding, top quality kayaks that easily fold in and out of a case. The heaviest kayak they have weighs a little more than 30 pounds, which makes it super fast due to its lightness.

These kayaks are easy to assemble and you don’t have to worry about wasting time. They’re made with one piece of polypropylene, which is durable and tough. The boat is very comfortable, easy to control and maneuvers easily without any difficulties.

It’s amazing design and exquisite performance makes you forget that it’s just a folded boat. It’s great for beginners and pros alike. Try reading an Oru Kayak review and see if it’s something that suits you.



folding canoe

MYCANOE is very similar to Oru kayaks, only this is a foldable canoe that perfectly fits in a special canoe case. You can get a good look at one at There are a few differences, like having more room and seating options. MYCANOE’s light weight enhances its speed, and it too only takes about 10 minutes to unfold. It has two seats which makes it fun to share the experience with friends and family. It has an amazing feature whereby the carrying case is used as the canoe’s floor.

The material used is a double layer of polypropylene that has undergone UV treatment for 15 years, enabling it to endure 20,000 folds. It offers many seating positions, so all you have to do is find your best spot.

You can add stabilizers to your boat and you get to enjoy other activities such as fishing, without worrying about falling off the boat. You can also add an oar lock kit which keeps the paddles intact, enabling you to row continuously without worrying about the paddles slipping our of your hands.

Exploring With Origami Folding Kayaks

Explore with family and friends and enjoy the freedom that comes with kayaking. You can be out doing other activities and just carry your kayak with you, negating the need to go back to your car to get a huge hard plastic kayak that takes up a lot of space.

You can store these kayaks/canoes right in your closet at home, and when you need it, just put it in the back seat of the car. In fact, you could hold multiple origami kayaks or canoes in your car at once!

EZ Towels – Space Saving Towels On The Go!

I have never seen these condensed paper towels before, have you?? As you will see in the video, all you have to do is dip them in water and voila, you have a towelette! You can use it to wipe if there’s no bathroom, wipe your hands, help clean a wound, anything you need to do, really. They’re perfect to save space when you’re packing for a trip or to put in your backpack if you’re hiking. EZ Towels are also biodegradable, and there’s 50 in each bag.

Best Microphone Under A $100!

Looking for a new mic or microphone?  This video highlights the top 5 mics under a $100, easily:

With that said, every three months, you have new advances in this sector and better and better sound equipment is being released.  While nothing can take the place of a recording studio (or like this sound studio in San Diego!)… actually, let’s backtrack a bit!

Sound equipment is sophisticated enough (a cheap but solid mic), an iMac, and some good software can do the track. However, if you are a professional, then obviously, some more investment is required.  In fact, since this is a great topic, we will be expanding on this very soon.  Perhaps we will cover, in-depth, how a professional recording studio is a better option if you can afford it; and maybe, perhaps, how an at-home recording studio is more fruitful for certain professionals.

Carpe diem!

How Far Tech Has Come…

…& how far it will go.  Today’s post features a special on AI,less than 15 minutes long.  There is some amazing stuff in here that is better watched than have it explained here.  Without further ado.

My Awesome New Robot Mower

I work from home and am on my laptop most of the time. I like to sit out on my porch with some coffee, breathing the fresh air, listening to the birds, and feeling peaceful. It helps me to concentrate on my work so I can get more done too.

Usually I pay someone to mow my lawn, but I thought I could save money and just buy one myself. After reading some electric lawn mower reviews, I found what is basically a robot that cuts the grass FOR me everyday! I can be doing my work and it can be mowing my lawn at the same time!

It is however, pretty expensive, but I know over time, it will more than pay for itself and be less than what I pay my mowing guy. My brother is going to come set it up tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how it works!

The Neonode Airbar

Computer technology grows by leaps and bounds, and it seems that every year new advancements are made that leave last year’s products obsolete. With the constant pace of new features being unveiled, it can be a challenge to keep things up to date.

A prime example of this is with touch screen computers. These cutting edge screens come with all the standard operating features you’d expect, but with the added ability to use your hands or a stylus to operate the computer through touch. These devices open computer screens to a variety of new uses, but they also tend to be extremely expensive.


Enter the Neonode Airbar. This clever gadget can transform any standard laptop screen into a touch screen without the hefty price tag of a typical touch screen. Even better, it is completely plug-and-play, which means there is no assembly, installation, or outside third party software required.

The Airbar is a slim device that is affixed to the bottom edge of your laptop screen with the help of an adhesive strip. The bar draws its power by a short USB cable that connects to the computer, so no batteries are required. As soon as it receives power, the Airbar projects a field of light over the top of your laptop screen, creating an on-screen reaction when it is disrupted by a hand or other object.

Any object can break the flow of light, so unlike the screen on most smartphones, you aren’t restricted to using just your hands for control. A person could, for example, use a paintbrush to actually paint on the screen in a program like Photoshop.


The Neonode Airbar offers all the functionality of a touch screen for a fraction of the price. Currently, they are being offered for both Windows and Apple laptops with screen widths of 13.3″, 14.0″, and 15.6″. The Airbar can be found online or in stores that sell quality electronic merchandise.

The USB Wall Socket

With the introduction of several amazing gadgets that use sockets for powering, there is a need to customize wall sockets to serve more purposes. One of these customizations is the USB wall socket that allows you to directly plug in a USB cord into the socket. It saves time by allowing a user to use the normal socket for other electronic gadgets, and at the same time use the USB socket. For example, you don’t have to unplug your television or lamp in order to charge your iPhone.

usb outlet

Features Of The USB Wall Socket

This modern wall socket is very easy to install. It has two of the normal wall sockets and then two USB sockets on each side. It has AC 100-125v of input voltage and an output voltage of DC 0.5v. Always be safe and make sure your electric of off before installing. It can charge any smart phone using USB as well as the i-Phone. It has been certified by UL standards to be absolutely safe. It’s made in the U.S. and has been approved by the National Electric Code of America.

Why Should You Get One?

In the modern setting, almost all smart devices and i-Pods use USB cords for charging. Unfortunately the wall units that come along with these chargers are bulky and therefore challenging to carry around. Hence these sockets can make it easier since the USB is small and convenient to carry. Also, the cords that the i-Phones come with are so short! You might want to consider getting a longer cord too, like you see in the video, so that you don’t yank it by mistake, causing your cord to short out because the wires snapped.

This wall socket also allows one to charge different devices quickly and easily without investing in a USB power cord. It is ideal for travel, homes, offices, etc. They can easily be found at online stores, such as Amazon, Ebay, or other electronic stores. The prices will vary depending on the store you go to.

VHS To DVD Converter

dvd/vhs machine

Do you have old VHS tapes stored away in your closet because the technology has progressed too far ahead to use them anymore? Or did your VCR break and you just don’t want to deal with big tapes anymore? Well now you can convert your VHS tapes to a DVD if you want to!

This player not only records your VHS tapes to a DVD, but it can also be used as a dual media player, playing both VHS and DVDs! But if you want to move to discs, it will record and convert your old tapes to 1080p HD video with digital sound. You can also edit what was on your VHS tape so that when it goes to DVD, you keep only the parts you want. If you’re busy working during the day and want to record something from the tv, you can program it to record as well.

It is expensive for those on a budget, but it’s completely worth it if you have footage of your family from a camcorder that recorded onto a VHS tape. Or if you have a movie that you just can’t find on DVD or that they don’t make anymore, this would be a great thing to have for that.

This machine comes with a remote and batteries, and audio/video cables. And guess what? You can actually record a DVD onto a VHS too! Although that’s only for non-copy protected tapes/DVDs and the erase protection tab is still on. You can play the DVDs you made on another DVD player or on your computer as well.

What is not to like about this cool machine? You can record your VHS movies/film onto a DVD, your DVD onto a VHS, and recording shows or movies from tv, as well as editing them! That’s pretty amazing. To see the other features included, just go to and click on the ‘Manual’ link to look through the instruction booklet.